Heli Services

Easy Heli Charter Service one of Nepal’s best helicopter services. We provide an array of helicopter-related assistances. Since 2012, we have been constantly working to cover all endeavors of helicopter services in Nepal. We deliver Heli Trekking in the major areas of Nepal, making it easier to explore the unchartered territories. In addition, we proffer Nepal’s best Heli Rescues, with latest aircrafts and experienced pilots, rescuing climbers and trekkers from the unforgiving mountains. Easy Heli Charter Service is also renowned for our Helicopter shuttle services, taking you to the remote, isolated areas of Nepal. Apart from that, you can even contact us for hiring the best helicopters as per your need.

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Heli Trek

Trekking in Nepal is fun, but our Heli Trek services make it better for you on a whole other level. Our different packages for heli trekking gives you a wide array of options to choose from based on your preference of location, cost and time constraints.

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Remote Destination

More than half of Nepal is covered by rural areas that are inaccessible through roadways and are yet to be discovered. We, at Easy Heli, thrive to reach all those remote destinations making it easier for you to explore and learn more about this Himalayan nation.

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Arial Photography and Filming

Going on a heli tour in Nepal is, indeed, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, but capturing it in a camera is an experience on a whole new level. What if you could save your experience as a photograph/video to cherish it forever?

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Heli Cargo

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Helicopter Hire in Nepal

Need to travel to a remote area? Want to have an emergency evacuation of casualties from the mountains? Are you looking for a helicopter shuttle service? Easy Heli Charter Service is a one-stop solution for all your helicopter needs.


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