Medical Evacuation Nepal

Medical Evacuation Nepal

Easy Heli Charter Service is providing service of Medical Evacuation in Nepal. Weather in the mountainous Nepal is always unpredictable. Hence, the chance of injury and sickness cannot be neglected. So, it is strongly recommended that you get medically insured from the trusted Insurance Company before trekking in Himalayan land. Medical Emergency Evacuation Service is more popularly known as MEDEVAC service.

Risk of High Altitude Sickness prevails while trekking in mountains. Under such circumstance, the victim needs to be rescued as fast as possible and helicopter rescue becomes the only viable option. You need to choose a helicopter that can reach for help in nick of time. Easy Heli Charter Service has got the latest fleets of light-weight Helicopters that can land at higher altitude and these choppers are really swift in operation. Thus you can count on us for your need of professional helicopter medevac services all over Nepal.

The Medevac helicopter is equipped with stretchers, seating for attendants and an expert doctor. It is wise to pre-inform the medical evacuation company in Nepal about your travel package so that it would be easy to get fast assistance in case you need an immediate medevac assistance.

Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS) cost is rather expensive.

Evacuation requires prompt action. Select the Heli Rescue Company that is highly experienced and which has got good knowledge of the geography of Nepal.

Along with medevac service, heli service also include search and rescue operation even at an elevation of 8000 m and above.

Heart problems, fracture and dysentery are other difficulties that you may face at higher elevation. Most of the nearby region are fit only for minor ailments while you need to return to Kathmandu for serious surgery and treatment.

The cost of Nepal Medical Evacuation depends upon the location from where the rescue is to be made and it is paid on an hourly basis.

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