A timeless and breathtaking journey through the Kingdom of Lo which, until recently, a hidden Tibetan Buddhist enclave forbidden to foreigners await in Mustang. Sculpted canyons with wild rock formations, deep gorges, medieval villages, ancient fortresses. Palaces and mysterious caves are the prime elements of this intriguing region. Tucked away along the deepest river gorge of the world, the Kali gandaki, the Tibetan Buddhist gompas and soaring snow-clad peaks characterize the amazing territory. This remote and starkly beautiful region was formerly the Kingdom of Lo and a part of the Western Tibetan Kingdom of Ngari. “Forbidden” Mustang has lured intrepid travelers to its realms for a long time, but only the most adventurous made it to this mountainous and inaccessible bastion of the Buddhism. There’s a reason it is still commonly referred to as The Forbidden Kingdom.


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